Free + Pro

The CabloyJS full stack framework provides a large number of free and open-source modules/suites, and in order to improve user interaction and software development experience, it also provides a large number of pro modules/suites. These pro modules/suites can also be permanently used for free, commercially available for free, and only charged for source codes

The vast majority of these modules/suites provided by the CabloyJS full stack framework are handmade by CabloyJS authors, not only meticulously designed at the architectural level, but also strive to be meticulous in code writing to ensure code quality. Through these free and pro modules/suites, the CabloyJS full stack framework provides rich functional features related to business system development, with a very high degree of completion. Not only can it be directly used for actual project development, but it is also a textbook level NodeJS full stack framework that takes you into the free realm of NodeJS full stack development

Modules/Suites Usage

The CabloyJS full stack framework provides a Cli terminal command engine, so that the free modules/suites can be directly installed and updated through the command line. Taking the suite of test-party as an example:

  1. Enter the Cabloy Store to complete the free purchase: Link

  2. Enter the project directory and execute directly from the command line:

  1. 1$ npm run cli :store:sync test-party

Volume Licenses

In order to further simplify the free purchase and installation process of free modules/suites, Cabloy Store provides volume licenses services. With just one step action, all the following modules/suites can be free purchased simultaneously, seamlessly using and learning the CabloyJS full stack framework

Free Modules (90+)

Name Description
a-antdv Encapsulates antdv components
a-antvg6 Encapsulates antvg6 components
a-antvlayout Encapsulates antvlayout components
a-antvx6 Encapsulates antvx6 components
a-app App Engine
a-appbooster Some built-in Apps
a-auth Authentication Engine
a-authgithub GitHub Auth
a-authopen Open Auth Engine
a-authsimple Username/Password Auth
a-authsms SMS Auth
a-baseadmin The admin management of the core of business
a-basefront The front pages & components of the core of business
a-baselayout The layout pages & components of the core of business
a-baserender The render components of the core of business
a-cache Cache
a-captcha Captcha Framework
a-captchasimple A implementation for captcha
a-chartjs Encapsulates Chart.js
a-cli Cli terminal engine
a-clibooster Some built-in Cli commands
a-cms CMS Module, quickly create static websites such as blogs, technical documents, communities(forums), company official websites, and provide necessary dynamic functions, such as comments, etc.
a-codemirror Encapsulates Code Mirror
a-components-sync Frontend UI Components
a-dashboard Dashboard Engine
a-dashboardbooster Some dashboard widgets
a-detail Master-Details Engine
a-dict Dictionary Engine
a-dictbooster Some dictionaries
a-echarts Encapsulates echarts
a-event Backend Event Mechanism
a-file File Upload & Download
a-flow NodeJS Workflow Engine
a-flowbehavior Behavior of Workflow Engine
a-flowchart Chart editor of Workflow Engine
a-flownode Activity Node of Workflow Engine
a-host Host
a-icon Icon engine
a-iconbooster Some common icons
a-index Index of database
a-instance Subdomains & Multiple Instances & Multi Tenants
a-jsoneditor JSON Editor
a-layoutmobile Mobile Layout
a-lazyload Image lazy load
a-login User Login
a-mail Send Email
a-markdownblock Some markdown blocks
a-markdownrender Markdown render component
a-markdownstyle Markdown style, based on Github
a-message Message Center
a-oauth Session Storage based on Redis
a-photobrowser Photo browser component
a-progress Advanced progress indicator, supporting multi-level progress
a-sequence Sequence of business data
a-settings Settings Management
a-share Share engine
a-stats Statistics update and push engine
a-status Status Management
a-swiper Encapsulates swiper
a-themebrilliant Theme of brilliant
a-themehyacinth Theme of hyacinth
a-user User-related Functions & Pages
a-useronline Users online
a-validation Data validation engine
a-version Module Data Version
a-wasmgo Load go wasm module
cms-pluginarticle CMS Plugin: Basic features of article
cms-pluginbacktotop CMS Plugin: Back to top
cms-pluginbase CMS Plugin: Core features
cms-plugincopyright CMS Plugin: Copyright
cms-pluginmarkdowngithub CMS Plugin: a markdown style based on GitHub
cms-pluginrss CMS Plugin: RSS
cms-pluginsidebar CMS Plugin: Sidebar
cms-pluginsocialshare CMS Plugin: Social share (a set of buttons)
cms-pluginsubmit CMS Plugin: Submit to Baidu
cms-plugintrack CMS Plugin: Google/Baidu/QQ Statistics
cms-pluginuser CMS Plugin: User Buttons
cms-sitecommunity CMS: Community website
cms-sitedocumentation CMS: Documentations website
cms-themeaws CMS Theme: Blog style like AWS
cms-themeblog CMS Theme: Blog style
cms-themecommunity CMS Theme: Community style
cms-themedocs CMS Theme: Docs style

Free Suites

Name Description
a-wechat Third party SDK: Wechat
test-party Core test suite, including a large number of test cases and kitchen-sink