test-party is a test suite of CabloyJS, which is not only convenient to quickly learn all aspects of knowledge points of CabloyJS, but also convenient to quickly start the actual business development. Include the following:

  1. a large number of unit-test cases

  2. Kitchen-sink:Framework7 UI components, and CabloyJS UI components

It is recommended that you pay attention to and keep the update of the module test-party, so as to get the latest sample codes in time

How to buy

This suite is free, but you still need to operate a purchase behavior to generate a free purchase record for downloading and installing at the command line

How to install

  • go to the project directory
  1. 1$ npm run cli :store:sync test-party

Modules of the suite

Module Name Description
test-dingtalk Dingtalk test module
test-hostsimple-sync Demonstrate how to add basic capability features to the frontend host
test-localeone Demonstrate how to add custom language resources (customize multiple languages at the same time: Chinese and English)
test-localetwo Demonstrate how to add custom language resources(customize one language: Chinese)
test-party Party test module, which is the main test module of the suite
test-partymonkey-monkey Using the module monkey mechanism provided by CabloyJS, it’s easy to replace some functionalities of modules just like a monkey🐒
test-wechat Wechat test module
test-wxwork Wechat work test module

Incomplete list of test-party module

test-party contains a lot of content. Here is only a partial list:

1. Unit-Test at backend

Name Description
atom/all.test.js data crud,data authorization check
atom/right.test.js data authorization check
atom/starLabel.test.js user star, user label
auth/echo.test.js user login/logout
auth/login.test.js user login
cache/db.test.js db cache
cache/mem.test.js mem cache
cache/redis.test.js redis cache
ctx/config.test.js module config
ctx/locale.test.js locale/i18n at backend
ctx/performAction.test.js ctx.performAction
ctx/request.test.js ctx.params, ctx.query, ctx.request.body, ctx.getPayload
ctx/response.test.js ctx.success, ctx.successMore, ctx.fail, ctx.throw
ctx/session.test.js ctx.session
ctx/tail.test.js ctx.tail
transaction.test.js mysql transaction
event/hello.test.js ctx.bean.event
feat/bean.test.js bean, aop
feat/broadcast.test.js ctx.app.meta.broadcast
feat/category.test.js ctx.bean.category
feat/httpLog.test.js api log
feat/instance.test.js ctx.instance
feat/middleware.test.js middleware
feat/model.test.js ctx.model
feat/queue.test.js ctx.app.meta.queue
feat/sendMail.test.js ctx.bean.mail
feat/sequence.test.js ctx.bean.sequence
feat/settings.test.js ctx.bean.settings
feat/stats.test.js ctx.bean.stats
feat/status.test.js ctx.bean.status
feat/tag.test.js ctx.bean.tag
feat/validation.test.js data validation
resource/all.test.js ctx.bean.resource
resource/right.test.js resource authorization check
role/userRole.test.js ctx.bean.role

2. Kitchen-sink: CabloyJS UI Components

3. Kitchen-sink: Framework7 UI Components