About Internal Testing:

Cabloy5 uses Typescript to completely restructure the entire full-stack framework. It is the best practice for migrating large-scale js projects to ts, and provides a large number of new functions and features.

Cabloy5 full-stack framework is under development and is not open source yet. You can obtain internal testing version so as to experience and evaluate in advance.


  1. Access to private github repository of Cabloy5 frontend

  2. Access to private github repository of Cabloy5 backend

  3. NodeJS Workflow Engine Suite

  4. Paypal Suite

  5. Wechat/Wechat Work/Dingtalk Suites

How to do

After purchasing the internal testing version, please contact the author and grant access to the private github repositories.

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/zhennann2024

- 微信: yangjian2025

More Info

  • For more information about Cabloy, please see: Cabloy